When students at Illinois Tech are not busy stressing out about passing classes, they are busy stressing out about picking classes. While the general pandemonium of class registration is by no means exclusive to this university, it is still a very real issue for each and every student here. Thus, the senators and volunteers of the Student Government Association (SGA) Academic Affairs Committee are looking to ease this source of contention by reviving a project to create what is referred to as a “Course Syllabus Bank”, as worded by Senator Sydney Smith.

The underlying idea of this project will be to have the syllabus of every university class available to all students to browse before regular registration, and thus give every student sufficient information about each class beyond what is currently available in simple course descriptions. By letting students see the exact details of their prospective classes, Smith hopes that SGA can “lower the withdrawal rate for students and increase the average number of credit hours carried by Illinois Tech students.” Indeed, any and all efforts to better facilitate the registration process will likely be very much appreciated by staff and students alike. University teaching staff will likely see less early-semester turnover as students are less likely to enroll for classes with little idea of its structure or expectations, and students will be able to make much more informed decisions on how they go about planning their schedules. Currently, the project is still in its infancy. Smith noted that while it was a priority of senators in years past, little actual administrative change has come out of it thus far. Efforts at reviving and developing this project into a reality consists of contacting the previous SGA senators who have worked on it and beginning talks with university administration. Smith expresses a very optimistic outlook for the program, noting that “if all goes well, the project should begin affect course registration in 1-2 years.”

Like every SGA project, this endeavor is entirely open to student feedback and suggestions. What are your thoughts on having access to every class’s syllabus before official registration? Let Smith know at ssmith68@hawk.iit.edu and be sure to stay tuned here on TechNews for official project updates as they come!

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