With the 2017-2018 Illinois Tech Student Government Association (SGA) senate elections now concluded, the organization is now set on a path to begin a new academic year of sourcing and addressing student feedback, initiating new senator-led projects, and a continued general effort to serve as a conduit between the student body and campus administration. The new batch of senators has already had its first senate hearing, which is covered elsewhere in this week’s issue, and from it, a refreshing amount of initiative and discourse was generated. This most recent senate hearing was marked by a healthy amount of discussion among the new senators, with dissenting opinions and differing perspectives leading to an overall productive set of debates on new student organizations and other projects from the executive board.

In a more general sense, SGA President Morgan Peters has also expressed high hopes for the latest batch of senators. “I think that the capability to listen and learn from each other is a quality many of them have,” Peters says. “Being from different backgrounds, their points-of-view will be different and lead to healthy discussions, and hopefully, this will lead to the correct representation of the student body coming from SGA.” This concept of a “correct representation of the student body” is one that is very personally important to Peters; much of her presidential campaign last academic semester was based around facilitating a sense of equal representation of the entire student body in SGA. “I hope that these [senators] will remember [that they are] a group that is forward-thinking and looking at the whole student body, not just a select section.”

It is the opinion of this TechNews writer (who also happens to be a former SGA senator) that he is very optimistic for this new batch of senators and, by extension, the entirety of the new SGA body. SGA projects lead to lasting impacts on the state of campus life, and it is the combination of raw student feedback and diligent SGA senators ,who are willing to translate this feedback into actionable items, that allow these projects and their positive externalities to come to full fruition. The SGA website (available at sga.iit.edu) will very soon be updated with the names, pictures, and contact information of the new senators for each academic college. I highly encourage the student body to reach out to their respective senators with any feedback and suggestions on how to improve the quality of campus life, whether it be an academic issue or a question about student organizations. Let this article stand as written testament to the fact that both TechNews and the SGA President have placed a high degree of hope in the new senate. Hopefully, they will not disappoint.

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