MyIIT cannot be ignored as a part of every student’s daily life at Illinois Tech. From accessing academic records or inputting work timetables to more recently having quick access to student organization information via Hawklink, MyIIT is an indispensable hub for student life within this university (assuming it is used properly). While there are many sources of suggestions for ways to have MyIIT better serve the student body, one such way Student Government Association (SGA) is seeking to improve the service is by having a dedicated SGA tab for easy access. Thus, the ongoing project of Senator Trixie Weiner (Lew College of Human Sciences) in the Student Life Committee is to implement an SGA plug-in directly on the MyIIT page.

It seems that a common aspect of recent SGA projects is to increase mediums through which the student body can reach their senators, but that is not to say these projects are redundant. Being able to reach SGA is a necessary foundation to set before further actions can be taken to take in and address student feedback. Students will not follow their peer suggestions to report or provide feedback if they do not know what the organization does or how to reach it. As Trixie herself says, “The goal of this implementation is to increase accessibility of student-to- SGA communication and improve the flow of information. We, as SGA senators are always saying how ‘our door is open’, but so few people have the time or awareness to actually approach that door. This will improve visibility and begin the trek towards bridging the gap between students and their SGA senators, and even further, students and the administration.” These hopeful sentiments encapsulate an overarching theme among SGA senators to be a truly integrated voice of the students.

Going more into the specifics of this project, Trixie and the remainder of Student Life hope to resurrect an old SGA idea in the form of a suggestion box through the MyIIT portal. “his box will provide a direct channel for students to submit their suggestions, complaints, issues, or requests to their SGA representatives.” Similar to the previously implemented VoteBox of previous years, having this suggestion source in MyIIT would be a direct way for students to reach SGA with any issues, any time on a common platform.

Trixie and the rest of Student Life are still looking into how exactly to integrate the SGA presence on MyIIT. Committee meetings are always open to everyone (every other Wednesday with the next being at 9:15PM, October 26 in the MTCC colored rooms). Or, any suggestions or feedback about this specific project can be addressed to Trixie at bweiner@hawk.iit.edu.

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