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What is the Student Government Association (SGA)?

As the governing student body of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), SGA’s role is to act as a liaison between the university administration and the student body and to serve as a forum to express student opinion. SGA provides opportunities for students to interact with members of the administration such as the Dean of Students and various Vice Presidents; SGA represents students and their opinions to improve academic and student life at IIT.

There are several branches that deal with specific issues. The Executive Board and Senate seats are elected positions, while the Judicial and Finance Board seats are appointed or nominated. In addition, SGA provides certain services to student organizations such as official recognition and distribution of funds.

So how do I get involved?
You’re already on the right track to getting involved. Continue checking out the rest of our site or email us using our contact page. Our website is the easiest way to follow us through Twitter, Facebook, or email, read about current issues, and discover how you would like to be involved. Any student may join a Senate committee in which students provide direct input on important issues. Students may run for an elected position with Senate elections held in the Fall and Executive Board positions held each Spring. Students may also be appointed to Judicial Board or nominated for Finance Board. All of these positions provide excellent opportunities to make a real difference at IIT. SGA is looking for any motivated students who want to make an impact. No experience is required – just the desire to get involved and make a difference!
Five facts about SGA


  1. Behind the scenes, SGA is at the heart of campus life.  The Senate approves new student organizations.  The Finance Board allocates money from the Student Activity Fund (SAF) for student organizations.  The Judicial Board ensures that the whole process is carried out fairly and represents the best interest of all students.
  2. Every student at IIT has at least two representatives in Senate.  One representative based on your academic college and another based on your residency.
  3. SGA is the most diverse student organization on campus – not just because of the demographics of our members, but because we have the ability to impact many aspects of life on campus from academic programs to dining options and everything in between.
  4. Our process for tackling issues has built a great base of support among administrators, so we’ve garnered an impressive record of meeting student needs.  To name a few: bringing back the Bog, recycling bins across campus, Galvin 24/5, Google apps for education, student discounts, and IPRO 2.0.
  5. SGA offers the largest number of leadership opportunities out of any student organization on campus; we have over 40 officers and our membership consists of the entire student body.
Governing Documents

Meet the Executive Board

The leaders of SGA.

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the SGA between its business meetings, shall evaluate and modify the constitution and bylaws when necessary, shall ensure the advancement of the SGA, shall fix the hour and place of Senate and General Assembly meetings, shall make recommendations to the Senate, shall in the case of a vacancy appoint an Officer Pro Tem, and shall perform other duties as specified in the constitution. The Executive Board consists of the Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Communication, Vice President of Student Life, and Finance Board Chair.
Rahul V Wadhwani

Rahul V Wadhwani


Electrical Engineering | Armour College of Engineering
Trevor Wasserzieher

Trevor Wasserzieher

Executive Vice President

Biomedical Engineering | Armour College of Engineering
Jacob Aynessazian

Jacob Aynessazian

Finance Board Chair

Electrical & Computer Engineering | Armour College of Engineering
Viraj Shah

Viraj Shah

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Mechanical Engineering | Armour College of Engineering
Subarno Saha

Subarno Saha

Vice President of Communications

Electrical Engineering | Armour College of Engineering
Hamze Sukkar

Hamze Sukkar

Vice President of Student Life

Computer Engineering | Armour College of Engineering