Who are we?

Who are we?

Our duty as a board is to allocate the student activity fund (SAF) to all the student organizations on our campus in a fair manner.  However, our ultimate goal is to promote student involvement and campus life at Illinois Tech. Finance Board (FB) is also responsible for making sure that student organizations are using the money allocated to them in a manner that does not go against the SGA constitution and bylaws as well as the FB Guidelines. We would like to help all organizations become comfortable with our proposal process so feel free to contact us at fb@iit.edu with any comments, questions or concerns. You can also reach out to your respective Finance Board advisor via email.


What is the Student Activities Fund (SAF)?

The Student Activities Fund (SAF) is a fund that is paid into by all students at the university. The Fund is for sponsoring student activities on and off campus. The charge of this account has been given to the Finance Board (FB) which handles the distribution, but dispensation is done by the Office of Campus Life.

Who is on FB?

Who is on the Finance Board (FB)?

FB consists of 9 regular voting members and a chair. The Chair is selected through elections by the general student body during the SGA Executive Board Elections. The rest of the board is nominated by the general student population (mostly student organizations) and confirmed by the SGA Senate through a slate put forth by the FB Selection Commission. If you are interested in joining Finance Board please email us at fb@iit.edu.

Mandatory Advising Dates

Mandatory Advising Dates

Finalized budgets must be submitted online here prior to time of advising. All advising sessions will be held 12pm-6pm in the SGA Office in MTCC 109.


  • First Advising (Fall 2018): September 3 – 7 ; Hearing: September 15
  • Second Advising: October 1-5, Hearing: October 15
  • Third Advising : October 29 – November 2, Hearing: November 10

Decisions will be released two weeks after advising.


Finance Board Guidelines

The FB Guidelines is a set of recommendations that the FB follows to help in the allocation of funds. This is made available in the form of a document to all students at request and during workshops. It can also be found under the related links tab on this website. It should be noted that the guidelines are in no way a binding document but are just in place to help clarify general practices of the board. The guidelines can be changed by the board at any point in time without prior notice. The most updated version is here.




All upcoming student organization conferences and their respective reports (i.e. presentation, TechNews article, WIIT Interviews, etc.) to the University will be listed below:

Organization Conference, Location Dates Number of Students Accountability
Residence Hall Association NACURH Conference

West Lafayette, Indiana

May 26-29, 2017 10 TBD
Graduate Student Advisory Council of MMAE Department 231st ECS Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana

May 28-June 2, 2017 1 TBD
Graduate Student Advisory Council of MMAE Department AIAA Aviation

Denver, Colorado

June 5-9, 2017 3 TBD
Association for Computing Machinery-Women National Cyber Summit

Huntsville, Alabama

June 6-7, 2017 8 TBD
Graduate Student Advisory Council of MMAE Department Turbo Expo

Charlotte, North Carolina

June 26-30, 2017 1 TBD
American Institute of Architecture Students Grassroots

Washington, D.C.

July 6-9, 2017 8 TBD
Graduate Student Advisory Council of MMAE Department ASME SHTC

Seattle, Washington

July 9-14, 2017 1 TBD
STARS Computing Corps STARS Celebration Conference

Charlotte, North Carolina

August 11-13, 2017 8 TBD
Association for Computing Machinery-Women Tapia Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

September 20 – 23, 2017 12 TBD
Association for Computing Machinery-Women Grace Hopper Celebration

Orlando, Florida

October 4 – 7, 2017 8 TBD
Construction Management Association of America The National Conference & Trade Show

Washington, D.C.

October 8-10, 2017 8 TBD
American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE National Convention

New Orleans, Louisiana

October 8-11, 2017 16 TBD
Structural Engineers Association of Illinois NCSEA 2017 Structural Engineering Summit

Washington, D.C.

October 11-14, 2017 8 TBD
Society of Women Engineers SWE National Conference

Austin, Texas

October 26-29, 2017 16 TBD

Meet the Board

The people that help keep things fair. 

Jorge Morin
Finance Board Chair
Finance and Business Administration Stuart School of Business