In the Academic Affairs side of things, we have been in contact with the University Faculty Council (UFC) to amend problems that students face when it comes to our school life. The biggest topic of conversation this semester is faculty expectations. “What does this mean?” you ask. Well, this semester some of your professors started class by introducing themselves, what they do outside of IIT, how the class you are in will help you in the long run, and more on who your professor is. 

This idea came from SGA and UFC, so we want to take this momentum to establish what expectations faculty and students should uphold.
First, we are going to tell professors how to utilize the syllabus to outline expectations. Many professors do this already, but we want to see clearer office hours, how do the professors want to be contacted, how often will be put in, and more.
Also, a How-To document was discussed to make for students when a professor is not co-operating or answering a student, this includes one’s professor or adviser. Various questions it will answer are:  “What is a department chair or dean and how to find your programs responsible people?” or “How to get help if you can’t make contact with your primary academic adviser?”. 
This is all intended to be made in time for the Fall semester.
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