Judicial Board

SGA Judicial Board Operates as Organization Arbitrator

11/18/2016  Thus far, coverage of the Illinois Institute of Technology Student Government Association (SGA) has focused on the four main committees of the Senate- Academic Affairs, Communications, Events, and Student Life. As prior articles have exemplified, these four committees serve the needs of the student body by creating projects and assigning senators to carry them out. However, the Senate is only one third of the Student Government Association body. Somewhat less visible than the individual senators, SGA’s Finance Board and Judicial Board are both still equally vital parts of the association’s operations. Specifically, Judicial Board stands as an intermediary for any potential issues that may arise both between student organizations and Finance Board in terms of funding allocations and between the general student body and SGA as a whole. In addition, the last SGA Senate hearing this past Wednesday affirmed a new amendment to the SGA constitution that will allow the Judicial Board, with proper permission, to act as an arbitrator passing final judgment on conflicts within an individual organization. (more…)

By Ethan Castro, ago