Student Life Committee

SGA Student Life Committee Pursues MyIIT Integration

10/21/2016  MyIIT cannot be ignored as a part of every student’s daily life at Illinois Tech. From accessing academic records or inputting work timetables to more recently having quick access to student organization information via Hawklink, MyIIT is an indispensable hub for student life within this university (assuming it is used properly). While there are many sources of suggestions for ways to have MyIIT better serve the student body, one such way Student Government Association (SGA) is seeking to improve the service is by having a dedicated SGA tab for easy access. Thus, the ongoing project of Senator Trixie Weiner (Lew College of Human Sciences) in the Student Life Committee is to implement an SGA plug-in directly on the MyIIT page. (more…)

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Meeting Minutes

SGA Senate Minutes 10.19.2016

  Illinois Institute of Technology Student Government Association Senate Hearing Minutes October 19, 2016

  • Call to order and recap of Sonia’s rules
  • Unfinished business
    • None
  • New business 
  • Parker Hannifin Chainless Challenge 
  • Presentation 
    • Purpose- wants to official to make it easier to recruit
    • Many Schools are involved/ U of I, Call Poly
    • It is a National competition
    • At IIT since 2012-13
      • last years team won overall competition
    • 10 current members
    • Recruiting through MMAE classes, hawklink, Blog, social recruitment, paper materials
    • Programming- Show and Tell of previous projects and workshops 
    • Budget- $500-recruitment, parts, social events, travel 

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Communications Committee

The SGA Purvey: Community service initiatives in Communications Committee

10/07/2016  Although its direct impacts on campus life are not as readily tangible as its fellow Student Life and Academic Affairs committees, the Communications Committee of Student Government Association (SGA) is nonetheless a vital component of SGA’s branding and operations. From building a solid social media presence to creating regular TechNews articles, Communications is all about ensuring that the student body of Illinois Tech is aware of who SGA is, what SGA does, and how SGA can help each and every one of us. One way Communications hopes to accomplish this is by identifying with Illinois Tech students and organizations on a baseline level-through a common pursuit of community involvement. Thus, one of the more recent additions to the Communications repertoire is an involvement in community service projects such as toy drives, volunteer days, and local children’s events. (more…)

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Meet SGA

09/30/2016  It is an unfortunate conclusion that the Illinois Tech Student Government Association (SGA) lacks sufficient transparency or clear communication in its projects and functions. There is definitely some merit to this claim. SGA lacks a formally recognized forum for inputting feedback, and regular SGA meetings are at a somewhat inconvenient time (Wednesday nights at 9:15PM). This conception is one issue that SGA hopes to address in the upcoming semester, as expressed by Executive Vice President Sonia Kamdar. One of her primary directives for SGA this year is to “increase SGA's impact and transparency by dedicating a committee to work on events and advertising and by utilizing several means of communication with the student body.” Thus, a new project from the SGA Communication Committee will be to regularly feature updates on committee projects in every issue of TechNews. But first, we should get to know each committee of SGA and the scope of their projects. Each senator is to pick from one of these four SGA committees and from there, decide on an individual project to work on and document. In addition to representing their individual colleges, SGA senators take on campus-wide projects from one of the four Committees-Academic Affairs, Student Life, Communications, and Events.  (more…)

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