What is SGA responsible for?

Hint: a lot. Here's just three to name a few.

Student Organizations

We approve new student organizations, flourishing our student community and giving each student a place they feel they truly belong.

Student Activities Fund

We allocate funds so the organizations you love can plan events and feed you during meetings. You're welcome.

Ensuring things are fair

The Judicial Board handles appeals from student organizations who feel they were not treated fairly to ensure we keep communication open.

What is the Student Government Association (SGA)? 

As the governing student body of Illinois Institute of Technology, SGA’s role is to act as a liaison between the university’s administration and its student body, and to serve as a forum to express student opinion. SGA provides opportunities for students to interact with members of the administration and formulate policy that impacts the university in the long term. SGA represents students and their opinions to improve academic and student life at Illinois Tech. There are several branches of SGA that deal with specific issues. Executive Board and Senate seats are elected positions, while the Judicial Board and Finance Board seats are appointed or nominated. Additionally, SGA committees are open to volunteers who need not be appointed or elected, and who simply wish to lead projects or get involved at the ground level.

How do I get involved?

You’re already on the right track to getting involved. Continue checking out the rest of our site or email us using our contact page. Any student may join a Senate committee, in which students provide direct input on important issues and lead project to address those issues. Students may run for an elected position as well, with Senate elections held in the Fall and Executive Board elections held in the Spring. Students may also be appointed to Judicial Board or Finance Board. All of these positions provide excellent opportunities to make a real difference at Illinois Tech. SGA is looking for motivated students who want to make an impact. No experience is required – just the desire to get involved and make a difference!

Governing Documents

Meet our executive board!

A bunch of oofs with hearts of gold.
Morgan Peters

Morgan Peters


Fourth-year Computer Science undergraduate student. I am an active member of Kappa Phi Delta, The Society of Women Engineers and Student Government. My continued mission as president is to promote Innovation, Transparency, and Dependability at Illinois Tech. I do this by working with the administration, faculty and the student government to promote ideas and projects brought forward by students.

Adeena Ahmed

Adeena Ahmed

Executive Vice President
Trixie Weiner

Trixie Weiner

Vice President of Student Life

Hi, I like good things such as politics or french fries. Ask me about good things such as moral philosophy or why the commons won't let you swipe in guests (I know it sucks sorry). I am here to facilitate the good things and changes you want made. There is no suggestion or problem too big or too small; please let me know what you want so that we can help make your and your peers' lives heaven on IIT.

Golzar Shobeiri

Golzar Shobeiri

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Born and Raised Chicagoan. Life Long Chicago Cubs and Bears fan. Loves TV shows and the Fast and Furious movies. Senator for the 2016-2017 school year. "Always remember what your Golzar"

Nathan Cooper Jones

Nathan Cooper Jones

Vice President of Communications

Communicating with SGA, the student body, and student organizations is his game. And he is really, really good at that game.

Nina Tamras

Nina Tamras

Finance Board Chair

Assyrian-American born and raised in the Chicago Suburbs. I love chocolate, I love strawberries, but never together. I have been on Finance Board as an adviser for the past two years and I am excited to serve my third year as your Chair. #TechYeah

Citlalli Bueno

Citlalli Bueno

Judicial Board Chair
Erin Nelson

Erin Nelson

Erin, is a second year Architecture major with a minor in structural engineering. She also is a Senator in SGA in addition to being Publicity Chair for RHA and on the Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field Teams. She is an awesome person, who is really into music, if you need any help with anything around campus and enjoys making campus feel like home to all the students at IIT. Her most recent SGA projects would be working with the Events Committee to put on events that draw the students into the organization like Town Halls.

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