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  • SGA Senate Elections

    Find polling stations in MTCC, Stuart Hall, MSV, and online at hawklink.iit.edu September 16 9am – 7pm + enjoy BBQ this same day at the volleyball court near MTCC 4pm – 8pm   Sponsored by SAF

  • SGA President

    Letter From The President

    Congratulations on being admitted to the Illinois Institute of Technology! Welcome to a unique college that offers an incredible experience embodied in students that question the status quo, students interested in innovation and most importantly students who will change the world. Welcome to carnivals, midnight breakfasts, city wide scavenger hunts, multicultural parties in a basement and just general run of the mill awesomeness. We are the Student Government Association (SGA) […]

  • Re-Imagination Challenge Winners!

    The first ever SGA Re-Imagination Challenge yielded some amazing ideas! We had 10 teams participating to create an idea that would make IIT a better place and really bring innovation on campus. We’re proud to announce the winners of the competition: ‘Simple Implementation’ Category Winners: The 363 -Aaron Mikottis, Eyoel Asfaw, Baine Rydin, Pranay Kumar. Presentation Link:¬†Simple Implementation Winner ————————————————— ‘Complex Implementation’ Winners: Plannr – Prasanna R Balasubramani, Eric Tendian, […]

  • sga election

    Important Dates for Executive Elections

    March 25 – Candidate meet and greet with senators   April 1 – Candidate debates   April 8- Election day   P.s. View calendar for more information or contact sga@iit.edu

  • Reimagine

    The Re-Imagination Challenge

    In conjunction with Monkey Bars. Sponsored by Google, O’Reilly Books, IIT Institute of Design, and IIT. Get a team together to improve our school in this Hackathon style challenge. ANY student can join, we want innovation creativity, and function! If you don’t have a team or idea in mind then DON’T WORRY! You can still sign up and make a team the day of the challenge! Think you can reduce […]

  • Candidate Package for Executive Elections

    This is to remind all potential candidates who have been to the office for orientation and have received a candidate package that your package is due on Sunday, March 16 at 11:59 pm. Failure to adhere to this stipulation may lead to disqualification.  

  • Finance Board Hearing

    Finance Board Hearing Update

    Hello Student Orgs, Finance Board hearing which was initially slated for April 5 has been rescheduled for April 12 due to spring formal. For more information or questions contact the  finance board using the finance board tab on this website or email fb@iit.edu

  • SGA Executive Nominations

    Executive positions are now open. Nominate yourself or individuals you think will best represent you on the Student Government Association’s board. Send all nominations to iitnominations@gmail.com. Please include candidate full name, email and potential position on the board. Available positions are President Executive Vice President Finance Board Chair Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President of Communications Vice President of Student Life Please note the following dates: March 14 – […]

  • sga student forum (11x17) - Copy

    President and Provost Forum!!!

    Hello IIT Staff and Students, Do you have a question about the university and the services it provides to you? Are there doubts in you minds about how or why things are the way they are? Or do you just want a chance to meet administration? President Anderson and Provost Cramb will be taking those questions at the president¬† and provost forum hosted by the Student Government.   Date: March […]

  • Website Launch

    Welcome to the new SGA Website! We hope you can easily find all of information regarding the Illinois Institute of Technology Student Government Association. If you have any questions or concerns about the site or need any help finding anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Senate serves as the primary legislative and deliberative body of the SGA and represents the views of the student body.

Finance Board

The Finance Board has the responsibility of allocating the Student Activity Fund to student organizations.

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board serves as the investigatory and trial Board for disciplinary procedures of and within the SGA; serves to hear appeals of Finance Board decisions; and hear requests for impeachment.